step into BOLD SELF-EXPRESSION as your new baseline

express your truth, embody your message
and shatter your barriers as you OWN your VOICE

A 6-Week
Self-Study Training

visionary women building their public brand
On-going enrollment

There is a revolutionary movement 

of women’s voices blazing through the world speaking truth, creating change, and waking people up.

Would you like to be a part of it?

Our world needs conscious leaders who can help change the course of our future.
What we need now is not just high performers consistently trying to perform for accolades and accomplishments. Not just women empowering themselves by making 6 figures.


We need people who can help move the needle.
We need activators and amplifiers who can inspire others into action. We need women who are not just in it for themselves but in it for the world we can have and who we can be together. We need people who wish to contribute to shaping the destiny of humanity.


We need you to step forward and be willing to become one of them –
to overcome your obstacles, reclaim your power, own your voice, and decide that your message needs to reach more people.

Will you answer the call? 

It’s time to add your voice to the rising.
I’ve observed that many women, even women who have risen to great reach with their platform, are subconsciously keeping the lid on their voice and what they can really do.

To create ambitious acts of vision we need to be in our highest capacity.

But many of us, even the most high achieving of women, have been slowed down or stopped altogether by internal challenges we have not been able to unlock.

What’s the biggest culprit? 

I think it’s unresolved trauma.

We often get into our field because of our own trauma – we struggled and suffered so much that we want to alleviate that suffering for others. This is what drives us to be visionary transformational leaders, change-makers, healers, messengers, rebels, and creators because we can offer something that could help heal people and change an aspect of the world.

Sometimes, though, it is the remnants of that trauma that hobble us from truly flying with our visions and initiatives because we are still subconsciously acting from the trauma rather than our highest self.

Becoming integrated and coherent in ourselves causes greater creativity, innovation and connection to Self that leads to breakthroughs around your message and your life’s work.

So when we get to the more tangible strategic work, it is clear, concise, powerful, it’s bolder, and it actually works in the world – people sign up with you, your message lands, people notice you, more opportunities come. 

When my clients unravel the low-grade trauma that was causing havoc they download messaging, new programs, feel more capacity to command higher fees for their work and get it, own their value, feel braver and bolder to share themselves publicly, finally get their book written, and so much more.

To leave a legacy that lasts long after you’ve gone, you will need more than the latest 6-figure strategy or lead magnet – you will need to cultivate an unshakeable inner strength and connection to Self that can guide you to your most innovative creativity and your most legendary thought leadership.




Who is this for?


You are an established entrepreneur, transformational guide, coach, healer, teacher, author, feminine leader, social activist, course creator, or creative seeking to create something of value for your people.


This is designed for you if you are already building your public brand and offering your body of work to your audience.


But you know you haven’t fully actualized your vision or taken the lid off of your voice.


You know you are ready to move into offering your legacy work, not your lowest level work.


You’ve been studying strategies, working with mentors, but things haven’t been quite clicking and it’s been frustrating.

You may be:


Struggling to stand out


Hiding your true self-expression


Afraid of criticism, loss, or failure


Compromising on your true visions and ideas


Feeling confused and overwhelmed


Avoiding going all in on your calling


Averse to taking the big risks that would launch you to another level


Following other people’s guidance rather than your own wisdom


Working really hard to piece together your income

Yet, you are a rare frequency and what you have to share is potent, important, and magical.

You are carrying unique medicine that typical “business” containers can’t quite unlock.

You are ready to be braver, bolder, and to bring your REAL truth forward.

You are ready to embrace your true power, unapologetically own it, and express yourself at a whole new level that could catapult you into the next octave of visibility and impact.

The Curriculum

This curriculum offers the inner work of leadership with the outer work of legacy

It combines a foundation of feminine teachings to unravel and dismantle the detrimental effects of lingering trauma in your system with the tangible creative strategy work of building your message and vision on top of a strengthened and stabilized internal environment that supports the emergence of your greatest offering to date.

By re-patterning programming and faulty belief structures and by restoring the feminine back into the system, you can become more in tune with your intuition, your body, and your power. We establish inner trust and safety so you can own the full spectrum of who you really are and expand your impact beyond what you had been able to see before.

This course is about what it takes to leave the past in the past and cohere with the frequency of the future you wish to create.

This is what it takes to truly rise.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:


Week 1:

From Trauma to Transformational Leader

  • Learn the 3 Stages of Revolutionary Women’s Leadership
  • Identify how low-grade trauma may be showing up for you, where your nervous system may be compromised, and when you are keeping the lid on your voice
  • Learn why “productivity” and “high performance” doesn’t work and could actually be too stimulating and dis-regulating for the feminine
  • Discover how restoring the feminine balance to your system creates inner stability, creativity, intuition, and innovation
  • Integrate pleasure, Shakti, embodiment, and physical practices to stabilize your nervous system
  • Identify areas for life detox causing confusion and compromise and plug the power leakages
  • Find a new commitment to your strength, self-expression and relationship to your Self

Week 2:

Fempowered Visionary

  • With “feminine medicine” restore life force and vitality in your system to open up your clarity and creativity
  • Identify places where you have made decisions from social conditioning and dismantle compliant impulses that lead you to compromise your truth
  • Strengthen integrity with your Self and your word
  • Engage with your cleanups and completions necessary for forward momentum
  • Stop pushing, start listening
  • Explore your unbridled truth integrating the wild primal feminine
  • Get clear on your un-compromised vision
  • Claim your Queendom
  • Create new minimum standards for yourself and your life
  • Deepen your feminine intelligence and access to Creatrix Consciousness
  • Overcome fear of your own power


Week 3:

Express Your Higher Wisdom

  • Establish clarity around your message and mission
  • Work with practices to activate your voice
  • Unlock the witch wound and the fear of social judgment
  • Get clear about what you want to say and start practicing expressing it
  • Discover what you want to be a spokeswoman for
  • Get clear on what you need to feel strong to stand up and speak up
  • Listen for the compromises in your expression and unlock what has been hidden away
  • Understand what authentic expression looks like for you
  • Use ecstatic energy to find your true message
  • Clarify the message you want to bring forward next in your work

Week 4:

Build a New Vision

  • From a more stabilized foundation of courage and clarity determine your new vision and action plan
  • Build your un-compromised vision based on the secure expression of your inner truth
  • Determine the next phase of your body of work
  • Go rogue: step into permission to be a trailblazer
  • Become bold, brave and brazen wth your voice and message
  • Deepen your courage to do it your way as a paradigm-shifter and change-maker
  • Don’t replicate, innovate
  • Understand creativity and the feminine principle
  • Work with the fear of being “too much”
  • Unlock what you really want to say but have been afraid to


Week 5:

Turn Your Vision Into Your Revolution

  • Begin practicing expressing your truth to your community
  • Become braver to create ripples with your message and movement
  • Anchor into the legacy you wish to leave behind
  • Operate from a new way of being, a commitment to integrity, and a desire to lead people into a new future
  • Discover the keys to the expansion and amplification of your message
  • Unlock fears of visibility and allow yourself to be seen
  • Navigate the ramifications of expressing your truth in public
  • Work with creative intelligence to continue downloading your body of work
  • Clarify what is your revolution?

Week 6:

Lit Up Feminine Luminary

  • Claim your place as a bold thought leader
  • Give yourself permission to blaze with your full power
  • Release wavering, doubt, and distrust
  • Embody full trust in yourself and the outcomes
  • Turn up your volume
  • Clarify how you want to expand your platform
  • Become the movement rather than the individual
  • Get clear on how you wish to serve the collective “We”
  • Shed survival to be of highest service
  • Value yourself, your work, and your time
  • Stand for a future that most people don’t see as possible
  • Give voice to your vision
  • Defy the agreed upon constructs of reality
  • Step into embodying the Feminine Luminary

Be the woman that rises and becomes a walking revolution

All the Details

The Revolutionary Woman program is an online self-paced course designed to be studied over 6 weeks. 

You will receive the following:

  • 6 weeks and 18 total modules of comprehensive video and audio training content. The content will become available for you within 24-48 hours following enrollment after we get you set up in the system with your unique account and passcode. 
  • Handouts, exercises, and recordings of every module so that you can apply and integrate the material.
  • Private membership area with lifetime access to all content hosted by Kajabi so you can revisit it at any point later in your process.  

Content Modules

Week 1: From Trauma to Transformational Leader 
Module 1: Is Trauma Holding You Back? Module 2: Restoring the Feminine to Awaken Creativity and Innovation Module 3: The 3 Stages of Revolutionary Women’s Leadership
Week 2: Fempowered Visionary
Module 1: Detox Your Drama Module 2: Break Free From Conditioning, Confusion, and Compromise Module 3: The Wild Woman, Queen, and Creatrix: The Archetypal Keys to Setting Yourself Free and Expressing Your Truth
Week 3: Express Your Higher Wisdom
Module 1: Tenacity, Conviction, and Commitment Module 2: Activate Your Voice Module Module 3: Connect To Your Inner Wisdom Module 4: Express Your Truth Module 5: Clarify Your Authentic Message
Week 4: Build Your Higher Vision
Module 1: Find Your Core Message Module 2: Craft Your Higher Vision
Week 5: Turn Your Vision Into Your Revolution
Module 1: What Is Your Revolution? Module 2: Amplify Your Message: The Keys to the Expansion of Your Vision  
Week 6: Lit Up Feminine Luminary
Module 1: Be a Beacon Module 2: Some Practical Tips on Building Your Platform Module 3: Own It!

Private Mentorship Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: This option is not currently available. Please let us know if you are interested in joining the waitlist for this at [email protected].This optional and valuable upgrade to the virtual course could quickly up-level your marketing and messaging and includes:

  • 3-hour live small group virtual workshop with personalized coaching to help you unlock your bold message – date TBD upon enrollment
  • (2) private 60-minute virtual sessions with Alia to work on your message, voice, strategy, or to do some deep dive clearing work.
  • The 6-week Digital online course and 3 months of live Q&A calls


The Revolutionary Woman Course Includes:

(6) Weeks and (18) Total Modules of video content with lifetime access (Value: $2,000)

Investment: $999 For a Limited Time for Black Friday Week Only: $499.50 – 50% off the regular investment!
3 payments of $333 2 Payments of $250 (1 at purchase, 1 in 2 weeks) 

Not Currently Available

The Bold Message Masterclass + Private Mentorship Upgrade  (Not Currently Available)

3-hour virtual workshop with personalized coaching on messaging (Value: $1,000)
+ 2 private 60-minute virtual sessions with Alia to work on message, voice, strategy, or to some deep dive clearing work (Value: $2,000)
+ Digital online program (Value $3,800)
Total Value: $6,800

Investment: $1997
3 payments of $666 (1 at purchase, 2 more every 2 weeks) 

All payments must be complete prior to completion of the course

Scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous Womxn of Color in need – please inquire to apply at [email protected] 

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your investment, you may receive a full refund prior to 10 days following the start of the course. No refunds will be given after 10 days.


OPTION 1 – $999.00 $499.50

6-Week Self-Study Course
Full Pay

OPTION 2 – $499.50    $250

6-Week Self-Study Course
2-Pay Payment Plan

OPTION 3 – $1,997.00

Private Mentorship Upgrade (NOT Currently Available)

Full Pay

OPTION 4 – $666.00

Mentorship Upgrade (NOT Currently Available)

3-Pay Payment Plan

Program Bonuses for the Upgrade Option

Build Your Business Like a Creatrix Video Bundle

A collection of (10) 45-60-minute trainings from my popular Creatrix Collective membership community offering the following training topics:

The Art of Feminine Creation:
Turn-on, desire, and ecstatic feminine energy – keys to creating what you desire with unbelievable ease

Wealth Consciousness:
Key mindset shifts to bring more money and clients into your life

How to Grow Your Audience

The Blueprint for Online and Offline Sales:
How to effectively call in new clients and followers

How to Manifest What You Want

How to Re-evaluate Your Vision and Connect Deeply with your Truth

How to Connect to Your Creative Source

How to Create Aligned Offerings That Sell

How to Create a Strong Personal Brand

How to Change your State

(Total Value: $1,000)

Radiant and Rocking It Audio Course 

A 6-week audio course offering a deep dive into the masculine and feminine aspects of the creative process designed to support you to bring a project to life using the teachings and principles. 

Includes interviews with inspiring creative luminaries Laura Hollick, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Nisha Moodley, Jena La Flamme, KC Baker, Arianna Hall, and Tanya Paluso. 

(Total Value: $500)

Let this be the year your voice becomes unfiltered and unleashed

Client Outcomes

The Revolutionary Woman course provided a map for bringing my vision to life in a way that is authentic and impactful...

“The Revolutionary Woman course is clear, concise and coherent. This course provided a container for me to organize and bring coherency to my vision in both a transformational and supportive way. It provided a map for bringing my vision to life in a way that is authentic and impactful. I felt seen, heard, witnessed and celebrated. Through simple yet powerful practices I had break-through moments. I am now closer to my core message thanks to the courage to rise I found here and claiming what I know to be true.” 

Janice Craig, Yogini, Healer, Ritual Artist 

It shed light on some traumas I’ve been holding that have been keeping me from fully expressing myself...

“The Revolutionary Woman course shed light on some traumas I’ve been holding that have been keeping me from fully expressing myself and owning my role. Since working in this way, I’ve been clearer in my communication and more thoughtful in my plans and intentions as I continue to create.” 

Ila, Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur 

I am clear on my message, clear on my value, I’m owning my truth, and sharing it with my community…

“When I came to Alia I saw a different vision for myself and there was so much fear of trusting that vision and I was painfully stuck. I knew I wanted to transition from exclusively serving clients in a therapeutic setting and shed the psychotherapist title in some contexts to offer my services to a wider group of people while giving myself the opportunity to uplevel my financial reality in the process. We created tangible content, new programs, and messaging. Alia guided me to my own wisdom through simple practices that help me come back to my center. I now have clarity on my message and what I am a spokeswoman for. I have a busy private practice. I am being hired as a consultant to behavior health teams and medical professionals. I am being acknowledged as an emissary and spokesperson for self-worth and a leader in that field. I worked through my own worthiness challenges and increased my income. I have created new branding and I’ve created a whole new website for this expanded identity. I feel more empowered – I am clear on my message, clear on my value, I’m owning my truth, and sharing it with my community.” 

Pia Luz, LCSW & Self-Worth Emissary 

The investment I made in working with Alia paid off quickly…

“Listening to my inner call to work with this incredible woman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The results of the work have been amazing. I have birthed a new program for women, secured new higher paying clients, launched my successful retreat business, reinvented my branding, and reconnected to my true purpose. I experienced significant shifts in the way I relate to financial abundance. The investment I made in working with Alia paid off quickly from my work with several new clients. I am thrilled! I feel like I have up-leveled my life in this process – not only with my business, but also in calling in more of what I know I deserve in all aspects of my life.” 

Lucia Grace Young, Yoga Therapist and Somatic Bodyworker

This has given me a new depth of creative confidence…

“My work with Alia changed my life. This has given me a new depth of creative confidence. For women who come to me asking about how they can unleash hidden aspects of their creativity, I always recommend Alia. Her process is deep, intuitive, and most of all: it works.”

KC Baker, Founder WomanSpeak

The approach and perspectives I offer in this course can help you unlock:

  • Your core message
  • The clarification and crystallization of your greatest body of work to-date
  • The strength and courage behind your voice to step up and share it
  • The higher vision that will call you forward into an elevated version of you and the willingness to take it as far as it can go
  • An elevated frequency of being that allows you to communicate who you are in a way that is grounded, clear, inspired, integrated and creates trust and rapport
  • An unwavering connection to your truth, your internal guidance and your true north trusting yourself implicitly even in the face of opposition or conflict
  • The version of you that has integrated the wounding, trauma, and challenges you have experienced to lead hurt people and a broken world into a higher vision of what they can be and do
  • The foundation you need to cultivate within yourself to be strong as you navigate the uncertainties of the external world
  • A core commitment to yourself and your wisdom that is unshakeable and undeniable
  • A relationship with your higher creativity available when you release your fight/flight responses
  • Your expression so that it is sourced from your power, your clarity, your mission, your message, and your truth and authenticity so that you have great influence when you speak
  • The money that comes when you are in alignment with what you are TRULY here to do on the planet

This is the container where you get to bring out your medicine and unlock your true legacy, not the scraps that people say you should be happy with but the true highest vision.

This is where you get to leave behind any compromises about who you are and what you’re here to do and experience.

This is where you can shed the stories of scarcity, sacrifice and burnout and create your visions from a place of inner security, trust, and confidence.

Earn more, attract more, and become magnetic to the opportunities that will take your personal and professional impact to new levels.

About Your Guide Alia Metcalf

I talk a lot about the world and the effect this work can have on the future of our planet. But my stake in this is intensely personal as well.

I come to this work as someone who has lived the transformation from trauma to living my truth.

When I developed acute healing crises 18 years ago that lasted for nearly a decade they caused me to take a close look at my life and why this was happening. 

All the healers I went to couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t healing with my treatments.

This led me to the world of somatic therapy, NLP, and the spiritual breakdown of it all led me to women’s work and a deep realization that I had been operating from a very masculine “do-go-reach-for-success” paradigm for a very long time and this was breaking my body down.

Don’t get me wrong, I gathered quite a few accolades through this approach to life but it was no longer sustainable.

I discovered that living a life and career I was unhappy with for so long may have been the psychosomatic causes of my crisis.

When I finally got the guts to leave my comfortable marketing executive job and completely change my life by pursuing a more creative and self-created career path, my symptoms cleared up.

I learned that probably the most intense trauma of all – the one that was at the source of all my suffering – was the abandonment of my Self to live a life that was completely wrong for my soul.

That abandonment was the result of “normal” upbringing in affluent Connecticut where I was a strong student and had a lot of potential in the practical and academic realms so I was encouraged onto a more traditional path.

But I was also mystical, intuitive, musical, and a deeply feminine girl.

My creative, non-linear gifts were not respected and I was pressured into a course of study at Brown University that was the wrong fit and a prestigious career that looks good on a resume working for companies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Visa, Delta Air Lines, the Milk Mustache campaign, and Oil of Olay but that was also ill-fitting and intensely stressful.

After years of living in driven masculine-mode, my body finally broke down and I left my life as a corporate marketing executive, started over and I built a life as a thriving women’s coach and a successful electronic music artist.

I have been a life and leadership coach for 18 years cutting my teeth learning how to facilitate transformation with some cutting-edge personal growth organizations including The Arete Experience and Authentic World.

Over the last 12 years I have been offering my path of healing, empowerment, and evolution for women through my company Femvolution™ via online group programs, live courses and retreats, and 1-on-1 private coaching programs.

I have combined my training and career experiences in marketing, branding and online business strategy with esoteric healing work and a focus on women’s leadership to offer a unique fusion of skills to support my clients to build a life and business from their truth.

I have also had a flourishing creative career as a DJ and electronic music producer and I have performed on some very respected stages for the best conscious underground festivals and Ecstatic Dances.

For the last several years I have been spearheading a musical movement called Feminine Medicine and I have released two albums with that project that include collaborations with a variety of talented female artists. My music has a global following and I have toured extensively and played shows on four continents.

My writing on women’s empowerment has been published in two books: New Feminine Evolutionary and Reinhabiting the Village. I am often approached as a speaker and expert on women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.

On my spiritual path of deepening my embodied understanding of the Divine Feminine, I became initiated as a 13 Moons priestess of the Magdalene and Avalonian lineages. My work with the Goddesses and integrating the feminine into my life has deeply informed my work.

I did all of that on sheer force of will alone because I did not have family support to do it. My parents thought I was cuckoo for leaving my well-paying, steady, and respectable career.

My impulse inside to be who I truly am was greater than the voice that told me I shouldn’t rock the boat. So, even though I didn’t much like it, my choices rocked the boat until eventually the boat capsized and the worst happened.

On my Odyssey to free myself I lost family relationships and this really really hurt. Losing my relationship with my father because I chose myself instead of his choices for me was the most heartbreaking casualty of them all.

But I didn’t die and I realized something — there was a self-respect I gained by choosing to express and live my own truth and not allow anyone else to stamp out my life force and keep me from being who I am.

So in the process of facing down demands for compliance, I found my commitment, resilience, and courage to say no to who I was being told to be and instead say yes to me, the real me, the true me, the creative me, the expressed me, the woman who was no longer hiding.

This took immense strength when the young part of me really wanted approval and inclusion. I often experienced doubt, fear, and resistance that I had to overcome to be successful on my own terms. 

At some point each of us must cross a threshold where we walk away from our family or community and enter the sovereign realm of our independence, trust in ourselves, and the belief that we are going to be ok no matter what.

I think this is what it takes for any of us to stand and embody what we are here to do and say.

Then when you speak and act from your deeper truth the impact is felt without effort. When you can transcend your conditioning you can reach a place within where it is as if you are streaming straight through from Source itself.

And from there magic unfolds.

So what does it take to get to the point where this is the place you operate from?

I’m going to help with that in this course.

This training is a direct transmission from someone actively throwing herself into the ring of fire and facing her inner critic every day.

I want you to know that for me this feels like the biggest work of my life. And I’ve seen and experienced some pretty big stuff. But the work of sharing my voice with the world causes the greatest terror in my system.

If this is what you experience too, then come along and let’s ride this dragon together — I think you may discover new parts of yourself you didn’t know you had or give voice to those that have been quiet a long time and this is nothing short of liberating and exhilarating.

This course will help direct you to look inside yourself, to find the place of courage and strength within to step out into the wilderness and share your voice. 

I have come to realize this – the power and effectiveness of a woman’s outer voice is made available through a powerful relationship to her inner voice.

I’ve discovered some helpful tools and perspectives to free you up. 

You don’t need to become a revolutionary in a traditional sense but rest assured every woman who emancipates herself from the patterns of oppression and builds herself back up is revolutionary.

The journey of expressing our truth is remarkable, miraculous and enlivening — this is because finding our voice is akin to finding our life force. They are partners in our vitality offering a kind of soul nourishment sourced from the integrity and dignity that we can experience from this glorious opening to SELF.

Sparkle and radiate like an exquisite rare jewel operating in an orbit all your own.

Praise from Clients and Allies


OPTION 1 – $999.00 $499.50

6-Week Self-Study Course
Full Pay

OPTION 2 – $333.00 $250.00

6-Week Self-Study Course
2-Pay Payment Plan

OPTION 3 – $1,997.00

Private Mentorship Upgrade

Full Pay

OPTION 4 – $666.00

Mentorship Upgrade

3-Pay Payment Plan

I’ll tell you, sister, your next level is really hard to reach when your nervous system is compromised. 

Trauma can be subtle and sneaky and could easily be attributed to other things, but there are some signs. 

Here’s some of the ways this can show up, especially for ambitious women – any of these sound familiar?

Symptoms of Trauma in Driven Women

You’ve been saying the safe thing

Truly revolutionary leadership and impact comes from saying the scary, potentially controversial truth. This is what moves people to sit up and take notice. Trying to be liked doesn’t serve here.

Yet so many of us *really* want to be liked and we’re terrified of people leaving a nasty comment or unfollowing or worse, saying something negative about us very publically.

The unresolved trauma can cause us to be risk averse.

But really the real danger is the status quo that keeps us palatable and contained and never allows our most revolutionary message or movement to lift off the ground.

Most women believe they have to fit in to be safe, but the truth is fitting in is anything but safe because we compromise our beliefs, our truth, our unique wisdom, and the full potency of our ideas which reduces the power of our presence in the world.

The people who do things differently capture people’s imaginations and lead them into new approaches to important problems and new ways of life.

If you say what you really want to say you will change yourself and the world around you much faster.

As a leader and visionary, one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach is to be unapologetic about what you believe. To truly be heard, seen, and known you have to let rip all of who you are.

Resolving the kink in your system that keeps you seeking safety will allow you to be the change-maker you want to be.

You are ultra-strategy focused and buying every marketing course

This is a case of not being connected to our inner truth and guidance and not trusting ourselves so we try to learn *all the things*.

But the problem is you’re so focused on learning strategy that you losing connection with your own wisdom.

This can cause us to spin in confusion, fear, doubt, and overwhelm while trying to study 5 different people’s “systems”, work with 2 mentors, and put in a crazy amount of effort and struggle while still not quite experiencing lift-off with our message (even though you are crazy smart and talented).

Business trainings cannot overcome the places where you are buying into bullshit.

They cannot harness the rogue parts of your mind that carry you into irrelevant concerns, unfounded fears, and crippling insecurity.

Focusing on the minutae of building a funnel or getting the right publicist may seem like it’s moving the needle, but actually you may be alienating your own wisdom in the process of trying to get up the next thing that might sell.

Yes, we do need the *right* strategy (especially the right strategy for you). But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the success of your business is 10% strategy, 90% the internal frequency and foundation on which you are creating everything. All the funnels in the world won’t replace this.

You’ve been compromising on the true scope of your vision

Otherwise known as playing small.

Trauma causes us to believe we can never truly reach the big kahuna goal. With a warped view of our true capacity, our talent, our strengths, our gifts, and the opportunities that exist right in front of us that we can’t seem to see, the big vision seems like a pipe dream.

So we keep it nice and manageable.

Most women think they will be safer if they play small with their life choices but the reality is our body and soul knows when we are on track and off track and it’s actually very costly to our health, happiness and the fulfillment of our purpose to play small.

Addressing the low-grade trauma and stabilizing our system allows us to have a clear view of reality and dream much bigger, even daring to believe that we can make a huge difference in the world and taking action to make it happen.

You are aiming for 6-figures instead of going for the long-term legacy

I am a huge stand for women claiming their true value and being unapolgetic about the wealth they want to call in. We need to claim this for ourselves in order to be true change-makers.

However so many of us who have lower self-esteem from our trauma need our business to validate our existence.

We think that meeting the 6-figure milestone is going to offer the hit of affirmation and validity that we are having trouble giving ourselves. And we are fed endless messaging from the marketing industry which plays right into this wound.

So we become so success focused that we forget to be of service. And so money focused that we forget the true wealth we possess already.

This also diminishes the long-term possibility of the groundswell of change you have the potential to build.

Legacy is a long game and it requires us to be calm and connected to our higher vision and patient with the time it takes to reach it. We can do this with a relaxed nervous system and a commitment to the big-picture highest expression of the mission.

You want to get internet famous to reach your next level, but every part of you is resisting the idea

You set a goal to build your social following but you can’t seem to bring yourself to post or do that IG story. You dream of the TEDx talk but the application deadline passes you by.

Because: you are scared shitless.

Because what might happen if you might actually become seen and known? Then you’d REALLY be exposed. And everything you fear happening becomes a much greater possibility.

Expanding your visibility then becomes an internal threat to your sense of safety. And every resistance your system can conjure up will reveal itself.

Unhealed wounds and traumas kick up the cortisol, activate your fight/flight response and then you are in a fight with your own vision and desire.

This leads to self-sabotage or avoidance. And negative cycles of shaming yourself for not doing everything you can do.

An inner transformation needs to take place in order to feel at ease taking your place on central stage.

You are extremely high performing...but for all the wrong reasons

When we are in trauma, we seek success, accolades and accomplishments out of a deeply wounded place in ourselves.

We become deeply terrified of sinking into the black hole within ourselves that can’t ever seem to be filled no matter what we do.

And this takes a huge toll.

Our body is ailing from the way we have pushed it to the brink in pursuit of the thing that will finally validate us.

Then we burn the f out. We become unhealthy from driving so hard. Some of us sink into addictions of all flavors to cope.

And it’s all such a slog because we are not attuned to a stabilized creative, innovative frequency that would transform the process into fun flow.

You are recycling the same tired material and you are really bored

Your creativity seems to be on vacation. You can’t seem to get up the enthusiasm for your visions anymore.

There is an innovation and evolution being asked of you to stop stagnating that you can’t seem to access and you don’t even know how to get there.

Most women think they have to play by the rules and follow a template to make an impact but the reality is you need to boldly brazenly break all the rules to have true impact.

Stabilizing your system causes you to open up to new ideas, downloads, and a kind of clarity that seemed so unattainable once. And it’s so invigorating, exhilirating and deeply satisfying to be so outrageously self-expressed finally.

You are stuck in masculine mode

We do this because the world is built on masculine structures. And we are taught that to succeed this is how we need to be.

But it is so limiting. And can become deeply destructive and wounding to the feminine nervous system.

We are told success is built through drive, focus, determination. Get it done, girl.

Intuition, creativity, sensuality are considered laughable business skills. We railroad over how we feel based on stats and numbers.

And we are shilled systems that are built around a linear process completely devoid of our magical feminine capacity to tap into universal Creatrix consciousness.

Most women believe feminine energy doesn’t help them move forward in their career, but actually feminine intelligence is the lynchpin strategy to unlock their true genius.

When we reclaim and restore the feminine inside of us, we gain access to a creative genius that is far greater than anything our mind can attempt. And from there our most legendary work is born.

How do I know all this? Because I have faced down every single one of these sneaky symptoms and more in my own journey of building my public brands, and so have many of my clients.

I can attest that when we can become free within, the external work of building our legacy becomes much, much easier.

This is what becomes possible through this ground-breaking Revolutionary Woman training.

Become the transformational leader who:

  • Defies all odds
  • Leaves a trail of transformation wherever you go
  • Trailblazes a new way of being
  • Does not believe the programming we are fed every day
  • Shares a cutting-edge body of work that can make a difference for people and cause ripples of healing
  • Decides to create your own reality like the true Creatrix you are
  • Ditches the rules and creates your own
  • Is led by your own genius, feminine wisdom, and intuition
  • Sets herself free from the matrix of living and leading purely from the masculine
  • Works with higher creative intelligence
  • Operates at a higher octave of frequency that refuses to be mired down by lower standards
  • Is an unapologetic luminary stewarding the world into a new future
  • Is truly limitless


OPTION 1 – $997.00 $497.00

6-Week Self-Study Course
Full Pay

OPTION 2 – $333.00 $250.00

6-Week Self-Study Course
2-Pay Payment Plan

OPTION 3 – $1,997.00

Private Mentorship Upgrade

Full Pay

OPTION 4 – $666.00

Mentorship Upgrade

3-Pay Payment Plan

A Revolutionary Woman is one who is rising into her power not because she hasn’t experienced trauma not because she has overcome her trauma but *because* of her trauma.

Her trauma has made her who she is and that power has grown inside of her through all the suffering, betrayal, and heartbreak.

She chooses her path. Instead of sinking into despair because of what happened to her, she decides, ‘No, I am rising and I’m going to lift everyone with me’.


Disclaimer: Alia Metcalf is not a medical professional and the contents of the Revolutionary Woman program are for informational purposes only. The content in this course is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified medical health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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