Alia Metcalf, aka ALIA, is an acclaimed Electronic Music Producer, Coach, Author, Speaker, and Teacher passionate about awakening the feminine voice through all aspects of creative expression and leadership in order to empower the expansion of feminine intelligence on the planet as a respected aspect of culture, business, media, and society. Learn more about the many expressions of her work below.


ALIA has a global following as an Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Vocalist, and Producer of the musical project, Feminine Medicine™.

Inspired by the global sacred bass movement, her music is an evocative, lush journey into her own blend of bass-heavy electronic dance beats, melodic frequencies, gorgeous feminine voices, conscious lyrics, and sacred psychedelic sounds. Described as feminine and fierce, elegant and gritty, ethereal and primal, her music unfolds in a pulsing, hypnotic journey that moves both bodies and hearts.

ALIA performs around the globe at respected international festivals and conscious events including Wanderlust Festival, Envision Festival, Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Beloved Festival, and Imagine Festival to name a few, where she has shared the bill with world-renowned artists such as Beats Antique, Bassnectar, Emancipator, Phutureprimitive, The Polish Ambassador, The Desert Dwellers, CloZee, Deya Dova, and many more.

For 10+ years ALIA has performed at Ecstatic Dance hubs around the world and has been a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance Oakland (the 2nd Ecstatic Dance in the world) for the last 9+ years where her legendary sets have created a loyal following of dancers. Her original music is featured on the soundtrack to the popular documentary series, The Bloom Series, and she was briefly featured in the documentary film about female DJs, Amplify Her.

ALIA is the visionary behind Feminine Medicine™, a series of collaborative albums and stage shows that brings more feminine frequencies to the dance floor. So far she has collaborated with over 30 artists to produce the albums and the live performances and stage shows. The music has reached listeners around the world and the message behind Feminine Medicine of the importance of bringing greater gender balance to stages and dance floors in the conscious community has contributed to the movement of putting more female DJs on stages.

Her musical collaborators for the project so far include Imagika Om, Liquid Love Drops, Ixchel Prisma, Heather Christie, Amma Li Grace and Theo Grace of Entheo, Eden Amadora & Ilan Gleiser of Amadora, Tara Divina, Pattern Disrupt, Ariel White, Ali Maya, Amae Love, with more to come.

She released “Feminine Medicine Volume 1” independently in February 2017 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign supported by 400+ people. In January 2018, ALIA released “Feminine Medicine Volume 1: Remixes” featuring remix contributions from Govinda, Living Light, Luke Mandala, DISSØLV, Joe Muscatello, Ra So, Pattern Disrupt, Spoken Bird, and Wu Wei. She also brought the full Feminine Medicine stage show featuring up to 15 female singers and dancers to Burning Man, Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest, and Beloved Festival.

ALIA is currently working on Feminine Medicine Volume 2 tentatively due for release in 2019 as well as a solo EP.

EDMTunes.com said, “ALIA is paving the way for women in the conscious electronic music world”. Hear what she has created on the Music page


After Alia graduated from Brown University she started a rich and diverse professional career as an advertising executive with Bozell Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi where she helped build initiatives for Delta Air Lines, Oil of Olay, and the Milk Mustache campaign. She followed that up as a marketing executive for both start-ups and blue chip brands like Visa.

She left that career to pursue her true passions as a musical artist, transformational coach, and writer, but she brought her formative training with top business minds into her path as a self-created entrepreneur and strategist and coach for other leaders.

For the last 10+ years Alia has built her company Femvolution™ as an online platform to offer coursework and education to help thousands of women free their self-expression and their leadership empowering through her coaching, writing, virtual programs, women’s circles, and 1-on-1 mentoring programs that assist women to overcome their fears, access their true genius, and turn their wisdom into ground-breaking contributions to the world. She is a sought-after speaker on women’s liberation, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Alia is a published contributor to the book, ReInhabiting the Village (now the basis for a university class curriculum), offering her take on how we can create a global culture that empowers women’s voices. She is also a co-author of the ground-breaking book featuring the voices of 22 women leaders, The New Feminine Evolutionary.

Over 18 years ago, when a healing crisis helped Alia discover that she was off-track in her corporate life and career, she dove into the realm of personal transformation and became professionally trained in personal growth models like NLP, healing modalities like breathwork and somatic experiencing, psychic and intuitive practices, and women’s embodiment and empowerment practices. 

On her transformational path Alia became one of the first leaders in the world to be trained in Circling, a modality now used around the world in many organizations, and she has served as a course leader for the Arete Experience and Authentic World for many years. 

She also approached the realms of coaching, entrepreneurship and online business with deep focus studying with some of the most respected business coaches and teachers in the industry including Marie Forleo, David Neagle, Bryan Franklin, Elizabeth Purvis, Lee Harris, and Christina Morassi. She has employed internet marketing approaches to build multiple online brands for her music and her women’s work.  

Simultaneously Alia has immersed in more esoteric spiritual training with multiple mystery schools, especially as a priestess initiate with the 13 Moons mystery school, and working closely with native spiritual traditions and plant medicine allies. Through deepening into her feminine practices, she has found her clarity of purpose in her role serving the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine on the planet.

Her personal journey of awakening helped her to reclaim the musical talents she had cultivated as a young person and unlock her path as a world-renowned touring artist while becoming ever more passionate about supporting other women to break their chains.

When the opportunities came flooding in to share her musical gifts over recent years, Alia realized she had tapped into a well of wisdom about how to create a life in which we are living in alignment with our purpose.

She combines this experience with her wealth of business and branding experience and mentors women who are leaders of leaders to connect to their inner wisdom, harness their feminine power, and employ savvy business and branding strategy to amplify their message, mission, and movement.

She currently performs on stages around the world, she speaks and writes on topics related to women’s empowerment, and she works with a select group of women through her private mentoring program, Feminine Luminary.

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