About the Project

Feminine Medicine™ is a pioneering music project produced by ALIA featuring collaborations with multiple artists to create music that amplifies the feminine frequency on dance floors around the globe.

After noticing that I was one of a handful of female artists performing at festivals over the years, I decided to create a project that had one purpose: to bring more feminine voices to the dance floor.

I invited female singers, producers, and instrumentalists, and some awesome male producers too, to collaborate with me and I set out to raise the money for the initial production. In 2015 I launched a Kickstarter campaign which went viral and helped raise $21K in 30 days with 400 backers and I began the journey of birthing the music with my collaborators.

The project includes multiple volumes of music and releases.

Feminine Medicine Volume 1 was released in February 2017 and can be found here: bit.ly/aliafemininemedicine.

This album features collaborations with Ixchel Prisma, Imagika Om, Tara Divina, Liquid Love Drops, Amadora, Heather Christie and Pattern Disrupt, and Entheo.

In January 2018 I released ‘Feminine Medicine Vol. 1: Remixes’ featuring remix contributions from Govinda, Living Light, Luke Mandala, DISSØLV, Spoken Bird, Ra So, Joe Muscatello, Pattern Disrupt, and Wu Wei. That album can be found here: bit.ly/fmvol1remixes.

‘Feminine Medicine Volume 2’ featuring collaborations with Amae Love, Ariel White, Ali Maya, Lunar Symphony, Quean of the Green, and more tba is scheduled for sometime in 2019.

Over the last 3 years I also created Feminine Medicine stage shows at Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest, Burning Man, and Beloved Festival featuring many live singers and dancers for each show. The photo above is from Enchanted Forest and the video below is from Lucidity. 

This project has received so much support from countless people. I have felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to bring this music and movement into the world.

So far the project has featured contributions from these artists:


Imagika Om, Ixchel Prisma, Tara Divina, Amae Love, Liquid Love Drops, Heather Christie, Eden Amadora, Ilan Gleiser aka Fractal Force, Amma Li Grace and Theo Grace of Entheo, Ali Kane, Ariel White, Aleksandra Dubov, Wahkeena Sitka, Chris James aka Pattern Disrupt


Serpent Sanctum feat. Emberlie Loveray, Amrita Rose (Rose Mary), Summer Savage, Kali Quetzal, Venus Del Mar, and Aya Iwasaki; Erina Love, Lei Lei de Kirby, Kristen ManyRivers, Alyssa Keys, Ayala View, Nikki Nerida, Jen Little, Viraja Prema, Faeryn Rose, and more.  


KEYFRAME Entertainment


Mixing: Chris James aka Pattern Disrupt and Jordan Hansell aka GeOMetrae

Mastering: Thaddeus Moore – Liquid Mastering


Custom made on commission for this project by Olivia Curry


David Shakiban of Colorgrooves Creative


Julia Maryanska

Performance Photos

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